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Alterations are the way to go for a perfect fit for your prom dress.

Proms alterations in littleton colorado - dresses and more

If your new prom dress doesn’t fit perfectly

It takes more than choosing the next size up or down to handle fit concerns, alterations are the way to go to get the best prom dress fit.

It is helpful for the seamstress to see the way the dress fits you while you are wearing the whole attire.

Wearing heels will affect your posture, changing the length and the hemline of the dress.

Shoe height and undergarments drastically affect the fit of the dress. This is also the moment to check that your bra straps won’t show, and to make sure that the dress provides enough coverage if you are not wearing a bra.

There are a lot of variables that should be considered when a prom dress needs to be altered. 

Good seamstress will be able to rework a zipper, add a lining, or alter heavily sequined or beaded dresses.

Some types of alterations are very difficult and almost imposible. The design and fabric of the dress limit the alterations that can be achieved.

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