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Affording elegant suits can be challenging, but the results of investing wisely on your clothing are more than rewarding.

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How Many suits should a man have?

We believe in the rule that says that people should have enough suits not to wear the same suit twice in a month.

We recommend the 1:2 ratio. This means that for each day of the week you wear a suit, you should have two suits. If you wear suits five days a week, you should have ten suits. If you wear suits everyday (seven days a week), you should own 14 suits.

For each day of the week that you’ll wear a suit, plan to have two suits in your wardrobe.
This is the rule for people who want to look different everyday.

For some people who only wear suits very occasionally we recommend that they own three suits: one each in navy, black and charcoal. 

This combination looks appropriate for every occasion.

Black is a formal color and the other two are standard business colors that will match with a multitude of accessories.

Business suits can certainly be one of the most expensive garments men purchase, they range in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousands of dollars.

Affording all that expensive clothing can be challenging, even for men on the cusp of their professional careers.

Some men prefer to have very few different suits, but they use one that suits them perfectly.

Alterations plus is a great solution for those who want to look their best and know how to invest the money destined to buying clothes.

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