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Bridal Alterations

Having your wedding dress properly tailored can make all the difference.

Bridal alterations in littleton - Alterations Plus

Most gowns require some level of alterations.

Even if the dress is tailored to your measurements, some basic changes will get the perfect fit. After buying your wedding dress you should plan to have the alterations and fittings in time. For that reason you should set aside the time and the money to cover the cost when buying a new dress.

Alterations usually include hemming (adjusting the skirt length of your dress), adjusting the straps and/or sleeves, to add a bustle (pinning up your train) and letting the dress put out or letting it in a bit. Every dress has different features that also must be considered for the alterations: the number of layers, ruffles, lace overlay, g, sequins, horsehair braid and breast support. All these factors together create the perfect fit.

Basic alterations are simple jobs that cost only a couple hundred dollars, extensive alterations can cost up to a thousand dollars or more depending on the level of customization, your location and how quickly the dress is needed.

It is advisable to start the process two months before the big date, since you may need up to three appointments to get everything in place.

It is paramount to find a professional service with the experience needed to work with the complexity of the wedding dress.

We are experts in bridal alterations.

We guarantee the best results due to our expertise and knowledge.

We have the highest standard of service and quality.

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